Words and phrases that I hate and why.

Privilege: Can we stop using this? It’s ineffective. I won’t deny the concept behind it. I recognize my own privilege. But when we use it in conversation, it just confuses people and we end up having to explain for twice as long then would be necessary to get  people to understand. “Check your privilege.” “You shouldn’t be telling us how to act because of your privilege.” Then people always get the idea that they are hated because of who they are. Seriously, how hard is it to just say the first time, “You don’t understand because you haven’t been there.” That’s simple, concise, and conveys what you are saying in words that don’t have to be decoded,  with no room for misunderstanding.

Male to Female/MtF: Not bad on its own. But I hate how some people use it. “She’s a Male to Female.” Or even worse, “He’s male to female.” It’s a way to deny that someone is actually female. It forever ties someone to their AAB gender.

Trannie/Tranny: If you have to ask, please kindly fuck right off. But in all seriousness, these are never acceptable under any circumstances. They are derogatory, and imply a threat.

Queer: I know this one’s going to be controversial. I understand how it is used. I understand that it is necessary. I understand why people like it. Hell, I even use it myself when it is appropriate. But I still can never shake the derogatory connotation from my brain, especially since it is still used as a slur.


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