My name

I’ve figured out my full name. I won’t share it here for privacy reasons. I share some pretty intense stuff here, and I plan to eventually legally change my name, so I don’t want business contacts seeing this. I will say this. Not having a chosen middle name was bothering me, more than I like to admit. I’m glad I settled on it. So my name will be Emily {chosen middle name} {Given last name}. I have no intention to change my last name. I like my last name. It fits with my chosen name. I am proud of my family. I want to retain a connection to my parents in my name. And, my family crest, including my last name is tattooed on my body. I love that tattoo. I love my family crest. Y’all can call me either Emily or Em for short. I’m trying to decide on a pen name. Again, I’m going to continue to use Emily as my first name for all my writing, I just need a last name. I’m open to suggestions in the comments.


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