An apology to Reneta Scian (Xian)

I fucked up. I ran my stupid yap and wrote a blog post about a comment she made over a year ago. In doing so, I mischaracterized her positions on things. I should have just asked her for clarification, but no, I’ve got to just react and make a blog post. Reneta, I am truly sorry. Mx. Punk, thank you for calling me out on my bullshit.


2 thoughts on “An apology to Reneta Scian (Xian)

  1. Apology accepted. As I said, I could totally see where you could have thought that, so I hold myself accountable for not being clear about it in the comment. Oh, and yes, Mx. Punk made my Gravatar! I <3 it. I am a pretty laid back person, so you got no problems with me. :3

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