On Being Childfree

I don’t want kids. I know, crazy, right? I never want to have kids. This makes me even more alien to most of society.

I could give you a million rational reasons, but those aren’t why I’m childfree.

I don’t want kids for several reasons

  1. I’m lazy, and kids are a lot of work.
  2. I don’t want the responsibility. Not in the sense of having to take care of someone, in the sense of raising a decent human being.
  3. I’m very screwed up as a person, something I talk about on this blog. I think that it is unfair to a child to have to deal with someone like me. A romantic partner has a choice, A child doesn’t.
  4. Honestly, I don’t get the appeal. I don’t understand why anyone would want children. I can’t comprehend it on an emotional level.
  5. I’m an extreme introvert. Prolonged social interaction is painful for me.
  6. I actively dislike children. I know, that makes me a monster, but it’s true.

The funny thing about being openly childfree is how many parents will come up to you privately and tell you how much they wish that they never had children. Don’t get me wrong; they still say that they love their kids. They just wish that they had never gone down that road. In public they would never say something like that, but they know that someone like me would understand.

Life’s pretty fucked up like that.

If you like kids and want kids, I fully respect that. Please respect those of us who don’t.


2 thoughts on “On Being Childfree

  1. me, too! well, except for # 6; i love other people’s kids. i love it when kids come over to visit, but i also like it when they go home with their parent(s).

    i haven’t had a single person confide in me about how they wished they wee childfree, too. mostly, i just get people telling me i’m too young to know what i want. seriously, i’m fucking 25 years old and i’ve always known i would never want kids. i guess i’ll be “too young to know the *truth* about how much i need kids” til i become “old and bitter cuz that ship sailed without me.” fuck those folks.

  2. I get the, “you should have kids,” all the time. Yeah, fuck those people. Just because it is right for them, doesn’t mean it’s right for everybody. Some of these same folks, when I adamantly remain steadfast on my position of never wanting kids, are the same people who come up to me and confide in me later on. Funny how societal pressure works.

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