Just got back from tim’s place.

Fucking scumbag.

Oddly, I’m a little less depressed. I think it’s because now I have a place to direct all this hatred, instead of just at myself.

Get this shit. He starts talking about how “black people see racism everywhere. It’s just not that bad. In this country, racism is mostly a thing that is unacceptable. If they weren’t looking for it, they wouldn’t be seeing it.” Wow. Fuck. I have no words. What a fucking douche. Seriously, I can’t even communicate on a basic level with this scumbag anymore. How do you convince someone so allergic to basic logic and reasoning anything.

In other news, I must be a great fucking actor. He has no idea just how much I hate him at this point. And so much of what he has been saying lately is so highly problematic. Not just the stuff directed at me for being an atheist, or his homophobia and transphobia. He’s starting to let slip just how misogynistic he is too. I wish I never had to speak to this guy again, but I have to act like he’s still a friend, for now.

Guess I’m still fucked, but yeah, at least now I know not to trust him.


7 thoughts on “Just got back from tim’s place.

  1. i know, right? that’s what i love about kinsey; she knows all the good insults. mwa. and yeah, i still think tim is a toxic puddle of cock-vomit.

  2. You could try to have a catastrophic falling out with him and then no matter what he says to who you can just say he’s spreading shit because you had such a major falling out. You could even make jokes about him acting like a quarrelling partner, just too aggravate his homophobia.
    It is an unsocial tactic, but the “friendship” is toxic. So if he can’t ‘prove’ all of the things you don’t want people to know it may be the safest (and most therapeutic) method.

    Just a thought, ignore me if it’s a terrible idea.

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