The things you take for granted.

So, I’ve been crutching it up, not giving a fuck, and living life in the slow lane. I went to get something to eat for breakfast/lunch at Jason’s deli in order to take my Meds, cause cooking is hard on crutches and I thought I would save myself a little trouble. Unfortunately, they have one of those “pour your own drink” drink machines. I never thought about just how problematic those things are. First, If I had been in a wheelchair, I couldn’t have even reached the damn thing. As it was, I had to fill my glass about a third of the way, put my finger inside the glass and pinch it while crutching over to my table. Yeah, those drink machines are really bad. If you ever design a restaurant, don’t do that shit. Fortunately, the person who brought my food over to my table offered to refill my water for me. That wasn’t restaurant policy, they just did it out of kindness. Oh, and can we just make automatic sliding doors standard. Having to get through those heavy doors on crutches is a real pain in the ass. I think people who design stores and restaurants should have to go around on wheelchairs and crutches for a little while so they can see what it’s like.


One thought on “The things you take for granted.

  1. The last time I was on crutches, I remember stairs being a real pain (that, and that using crutches was a lot harder than it was when I was 10, presumably because I’d gained a bit of weight since then). Also, I generally like being able to walk around without attracting any particular notice, and that’s almost impossible when you’re on crutches.

    On my campus a while ago, they actually had a small event thing where people could use a wheelchair for a while to see what it was like. I wish I’d tried it out, instead of hurrying off to study or whatever. I can’t think of a better argument for the importance of accessibility than getting people to actually experience what it is like to try to get around while using crutches or a wheelchair.

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