Further adventures in medical treatment.

This time, I remembered to remove my toenail polish.

So I went to the orthopedist. Just got back in fact, and I’m having a cup of tea. I hate having to lie on medical forms. Gender M. All already printed out in bold black ink before I even got the form. How fucking presumptuous for them to assume that my gender is male. How would they know?  At least I didn’t get sirred constantly like I did at the clinic the other day. So I played the part of the good young man. Fuckers. I wouldn’t have had that much of a problem if it had been sex on the form. I haven’t undergone any HRT or surgery so my sex is still unambiguously male.

Anyway, they said the cause of my ankle problem is the fact that I have been working as a line cook for several years and having flat feet. So, I’ll have to stay off of it for a few more days, use the medicine, and I will have to Ice my ankle nightly for the rest of my life. They have also given me some special insoles. I say given, but selling them to me for $35 isn’t exactly a gift. Anyway, this drastically limits the kind of shoes I can wear, so I might as well get used to wearing Mens shoes for the rest of my life. Yay. :( So I guess that you could call me semi-able bodied.

One other thing. Why do they need to know your race? I mean, seriously, why is that a question on the form? Is there an actual medical reason that an orthopedist would need to know that information?

voting on crutches is gonna be fun tomorrow./sarcasm


3 thoughts on “Further adventures in medical treatment.

  1. All I can tell you is “for insurance purposes”. It sucks, I know.

    I recently switched docs. They know my preferred name is tristen, regardless of what my papers say. Even still, I was stumped when they asked for sexual orientation. By gender identity, I’m str8. By physical body, I’m gay. So what is my orientation today?

  2. Androphillic or Androsexual. It means attraction to men. Otherwise I would say heterosexual. But I define attraction by gender identity.

  3. As a lady with flat feet, might I recommend a few nice shoe brands? And we’re not talking sorta flat arches; my ankles collapse inwards and the soles of my feet are like plates. Ecco and Naot shoes have been the best for me. I particularly like a lace-up pair of Ecco shoes that can be snuck into fancy events under slacks, but look daintier than most supportive footwear. Other stuff that people say is ‘comfy’ doesn’t have enough structure for my feet.

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