Transgender day of appropriation.

Stop putting glitter on a corpse and hoisting it up for your disco ball.

Every year, a shit ton of violence happens to trans people. The vast majority of this is directed at trans women of color. If you didn’t care about these people in life, then you have no right to mourn them and use them to further your organizations now that they’re dead. Hell, you shouldn’t even be reading about this from me, you should be listening to them.

The dead don’t care about being remembered; they’re dead. What are you doing for the living? Are your organizations doing anything at all for trans* people, or are we just a token? This is a great day for fundraising. Are you still going to continue to throw trans* issues under the bus? Are you going to continue to deny how race and gender plays a part in oppression? Or are you just going to throw a goddamn party, and forget about this until next year?


Edit for clarity: This post is not about positivity or ignoring the violence to trans people, especially trans women of color. It is about intersectionallity and appropriation.


3 thoughts on “Transgender day of appropriation.

  1. Reblogged this on regan5 and commented:
    I’m at my parents house this week, so posts are probably on hold. In the meantime, (e)m says a lot of what I think is wrong with tdor.

    Sure I get, tdor makes the point that we’re here. But who else under the queer umbrella has a dor? So why not done positivity for a change?

  2. I purposely didn’t write a TDOR post because I want us to move beyond violence and victimhood to acceptance. I know the remembrance days are part of the group’s “maturation” process along the road to equality, but only focusing on death reinforces our status as margin-dwellers–not a place I plan on occupying forever. I appreciate remembering the victims of hate and supporting their surviving loved ones, but I also want to celebrate and support those who are living and working every day to be accepted and loved for who they are.

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