Winning the battles but losing the war.

Time for a feminism post. I feel like we’re winning individual battles, but the culture is shifting against us. People really are starting to buy into the notion that feminism is no longer necessary. The anti-feminists have successfully gotten out the message that men are being oppressed by women, when the reality is that men are being hurt by a patriarchal system.

I had a conversation with a guy today who completely buys into rape culture. He assumes that most rape cases fail because the women are lying. When we were talking about drinking and consent, he brought up the fact that most people hook up when they are drunk, so people are completely capable of giving consent when drunk. “They may regret it later, and falsely accuse the guy of rape, but they gave consent. It is different if someone spiked their drink or they were under the influence of drugs.” I couldn’t get him to budge from this position. The anti-abortion movement keeps growing. I see sexist ideas  about gender roles coming from people of all backgrounds, and women are enforcing them even more than men are in my area. I have no idea how to push the Overton window in the direction it needs to be pushed here.

I weep for humanity.


4 thoughts on “Winning the battles but losing the war.

  1. im assuming you have heard of a movement that involves anti-feminist sentiments about how the public school systems have shifted to favoring girls and boys are “failing.” if not i need to send you a link to the argument for it and my favorite the argument dismantling, “Why Jimmy isn’t failing.” well found one.

  2. Been hearing that one since I was in high school, over a decade ago. I didn’t think people had actually started to believe it. Fuck. Things are even worse than I thought.

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