Well Christmas, Thanks for the Shitty-ness

If I ever hear the phrase, “rape jokes are always funny,” again, it will be too soon. This comment was made by Tim as he was showing me the movie “Ted” made by Seth MacFarlane. The rape joke in question was a victim-blaming, “raped because of what I’m wearing,” joke made by the male protagonist. That movie is filled with sexism, homophobia, and especially egregious racism towards people of Asian backgrounds. I also got to sit through white-splaining about Kwanzaa which was ended by a statement that was racist enough that the people who were spouting unexamined racist statements even reacted with a WTF moment and changed the subject. “[racial slur removed] just want their own holiday.” That comment was made by Tim’s brother in law. Then there was Tim’s mom, making jokes about a male dog that Tim’s sister had put in doggie clothes. Transphobic and homophobic jokes. I assume that Tim didn’t tell them that I’m bisexual. I asked him to not spread that around.

I’m very open about being an atheist, but I guess Tim never mentioned that to his family, because they all acted like they were in the presence of fellow Christians. I didn’t bother to correct them because, hey I’m a guest at Christmas dinner in their house, and no matter how shitty they are being, I’m not going to do that.

Theories about a one world government leading to the end times a la “revelations.”

Christian Supremacy and lack of tolerance for people who aren’t Christian.

The entire day was infuriating and disheartening, except for seeing the movie “brave.” That was a great little movie, with a wonderful soundtrack. It has problematic elements, but overall is a net positive in terms of self-agency.

So, yeah, Christmas sucked for me.


4 thoughts on “Well Christmas, Thanks for the Shitty-ness

  1. i know the overall tone of the post is negative, but i really do enjoy the fact you put in a positive about the movie Brave. and that you were nicer to your friend’s family then they were to you.

  2. Thanks. I really liked Brave. It had some problems, but overall it was good.

    I know that pretty much no one else cares about things like this, but being a good guest is really important to me. As far as I know his family still thinks of me as a hetero, cis, christian, man, so their comments were not directed at me. That doesn’t make them suck any less. And there is the possibility that they do know that I’m bi and atheist, and just think it’s so goddamn funny. I find it hard to believe that they think I’m christian. I’m pretty vocal about not believing.

    Either way, It sucks having to deal with that shit, and what sucks even more is knowing how prevalent this kind of thinking is.

    I haven’t mentioned this before, but Tim’s dad has repeatedly said that he thinks of me as another son. So yeah, it’s really gonna suck when I lose that connection.

    Tim’s dad is a really good guy, he’s just on the wrong side of some issues, something I blame on his religion poisoning his mind against GSM folks and non-Christians.

  3. so…would you mind if i just murdered tim with my mind? cuz he’s an asshole and you deserve some real friends. just say the word and i will try reallyreally hard to kill tim with telekinesis. or maybe the force.

    also, folks who make rape jokes around me are fucking done. just fucking done. it sucks that you had to put up with that shit, cat. i hope the new year sucks way less for you.

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