A Brief but Important note.

Any time you police someone else’s gender, whether you are cis or trans*, by:

  • saying someone isn’t really transgender
  • saying someone must be transgender
  • saying that someone’s gender isn’t real
  • telling someone how they must act or present themselves to “be real”
  • saying that someone isn’t the gender that they tell you they are

you are buying into and supporting the system that oppresses all trans* and gender non-conforming people.


Please stop doing that.


5 thoughts on “A Brief but Important note.

  1. May I repost this? If I were to replace a couple of words it could be applied to a large number of things/situations. I’m thinking specifically of non-belief in gods.

    Hope 2013 brings you success and comfort.

  2. What is the argument that you are making? This is specifically about Cissexism/Transphobia and systemic oppression.(edit: and oppositional and traditional sexism) Atheism is just lack of belief in gods. I do not see the corollary. Saying that someone isn’t or must be an atheist does not buy into or strengthen a system that oppresses all religious minorities.

  3. I’m not making an argument. I’m saying that how you have phrased this is applicable to many situations. If you were current on the “atheist community” (which I mock) you would know that it is pertinent. People do claim that others are not real atheists or do it the wrong way etc.

    Back on point. What you have said needs very little change to be applicable to many many situations in life. It is quite deep and meaningful. I can restate it of course, but I think it might be more useful to see it stated as you have and ask others how they have done the same injuries to others in many other situations.

  4. You can re-blog it. I would rather this message reach as many people as possible in its original form. I may or may not agree with any points you make based on it, and please make that clear when you write about it.

    As far as the “atheist community” goes, I gave up on it because of all the anti-feminists, homophobes, transphobes, and people arguing against policies that would discourage harassment. Atheists can be just as vile as fundamentalists, although not for the same reasons. Belief in god doesn’t make you good, but neither does disbelief. It doesn’t make people rational either. All it means is that you got one question right. There are a shit ton of anti-vac, natureopaths, believers in karma, rebirth, and souls amongst atheists as well. Atheism in and of itself does not lead to being more rational, but being more rational can sometimes lead to atheism. Atheism in and of itself sure as shit doesn’t lead to more compassion or empathy. Have you seen my post on movements? I still read some atheist blogs but they have to focus on more than just atheism. I haven’t seen anyone on the ones I follow say that people are not real atheists. I have seen them say that people are doing skepticism wrong, and then show how those people are doing skepticism wrong. But atheism != skepticism.

    And I still don’t see how this applies to other situations. It isn’t about specific injuries to an individual, it is about reinforcing systemic oppression against all trans* and gender non-conforming people by doing these specific things.

  5. Well, I want to not only post what you blogged, but your last reply to me. It says all that I want to say… more or less. I will post it intact, and offer the message you wish to be spread. I haven’t heard a better explanation of atheism in a long time. I don’t mean to conflate the issues you speak of with any others, only that your thought applies in many places. To many, your writing is quite focused and specific, but I see it as yet a different facet of all the same human problems that many suffer from. That is not to belittle the issues you deal with, only to say that these have commonalities with others and that all of them are important. As an equalist, I don’t see one social ill or oppression as more important… they all need attention, they are all as important as the others.

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