tw: Suicidal ideation

I almost tried to kill myself at work today. I had the knife ready. Sometimes the only thing that keeps me alive is the anger.

I’m doing better now, but that isn’t the point. You can’t call a suicide hotline while you’re on the clock, and that’s when I most needed it. Our fucking society makes getting the help you need ¬†impossible.




3 thoughts on “tw: Suicidal ideation

  1. ok this is going to sound lame but it really is an attempt at something. could you take a break and call the suicide hotline? or during one of your breaks could you?
    Im glad your ok now:) but your right. its messed up that your needs come second to a job and that society wont deal with mental health issues.

  2. Break? Hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahaha. We don’t get breaks, except if you smoke, or need to run to the bathroom real quick and back. Also, no cell phones allowed. Work phone is only for emergency calls coming in. And knives are everywhere. Like I said, I’m doing ok now. But I hit a low point at work yesterday. Probably the worst time and place to hit a low point. But this post wasn’t really about my own demons so much as it was about how society fucks us over. Thanks for caring. No, seriously, no snark, thank you.

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