The High Cost of Social Interaction -twine game

I made a twine game that simulates what it’s like for me to deal with social anxiety.

Download or run from this link

Node Map

Edit: this wouldn’t have been possible without the resources from Porpentine (@aliendovecote) and Anna Anthropy  (@auntiepixelante)


9 thoughts on “The High Cost of Social Interaction -twine game

  1. I can relate to this… In fact when I tried the go outside option the comment about seeing how long that bravery lasts was really appropriate since I related so strongly that I couldn’t bear to select either option following and closed the tab…

  2. I don’t exactly know if it really counts as being triggered or not… Also I was able to go through the twitter paths and, although I haven’t had a twitter account until very recently (for a given value of having a twitter account) it all seemed really familiar

  3. I have social anxiety too and write in english makes me even more anxious because is not something that I’m used to. But I need to make my first comment here just to say that I identified a lot with the situations presented in this game.

    I feel more like a ghost wandering through the internet and watching the living than a real person, and this really hurts me. And in real life is not that different.

  4. Yeah, I’ve been reading your blog since November, I think, so this post seemed like a good opportunity to say hi. I downloaded twine 2 or 3 weeks ago, but I didn’t made any game yet. I’m a trans girl too, but from Brazil, and I also write poems.

  5. Well, it’s nice to meet you. Feel welcome to comment here any time. I value every single comment. If you make a twine game, I would like to see it. The software is really easy to use. I wish I could speak Portuguese, so I could make you more comfortable.

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  7. Hey,
    first I wanted to congrulate you for this little game. It’s very sincere, and I can relate to it from being caught with the same problem for years. And it’s actually not easy to put your finger on it, or admit it to yourself enough in order to make something out of it where others can see it. Therefore my respect; I think I wouldn’t have had the courage to do something like that in earlier times, even if it’s anonymously on the internet. I just only once tried to make a kind of text-based game based on my own anxieties and it came out horrific!

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