Institutionalized Oppositional Sexism at the workplace

I won’t be able to get my ears pierced any time soon. My job has a policy that “males” can’t wear earrings. Yup.

For some reason, it is perfectly fine for women to wear earrings but not anyone else. And I sure can’t claim to be a women there. And you have to keep your earrings in when they are first pierced or the wounds will close up.

In other words. Fuck this oppressive system, and fuck my job.


4 thoughts on “Institutionalized Oppositional Sexism at the workplace

  1. Courts have generally held that if it’s not permissable to discriminate against a female for not wearing a dress, you can’t discriminate against a man who does.

  2. There are many businesses which have this policy, deeming “men” who wear earrings to be unprofessional. I don’t agree, but the feeling seems to be if you write the checks, you get to make the rules; no matter how pointless the rules may be.

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