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Protected: the oppression of the clock

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Protected: me & you

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So, I strarted HRT last night


Ok now that you’re up to speed, I took 100Mg spiro and 2 mg estrofem. Its bring all sorts of dysphoric feelings to the forefront. It’s stressing me out, and keeping me from sleeping. I woke up early today. After 3.5 hrs of sleep. I’m happy I started, but I’m freaking the fuck out. I’ve wanted this so bad for so long, and now it’s real. But my thoughts are killing me.  I’m scared. And I don’t know if it will be alright.


And if anyone want’s to know how you get Spiro and E without a Dx/Rx, just let me know, and I’ll send you an email.


If you want to see me take my first dose, let me know and I’ll email you a link. All I ask is that you don’t share it around.


Emily, finally with the right hormones.

Why intersectionality is necessary.

Because this isn’t an academic exercise.

Because this isn’t a game.

Because these issues affect real people, and if you don’t know how different oppressions interact, you can’t help.

Take feminism for example, if you’re a feminist, you want to make life better for women and others who are marginalized for gender, how can you do that if you don’t understand the way that race, class, sexuality, cis/trans status, ability/disability, and other axes of oppression modify the experience of gender based oppression?

Easy intersectionality fails to be aware of

Ok, let’s talk.

If you’re going to say x marginalized group is oppressing  y marginalized group, you are being prejudiced towards x marginalized group.

Example: if you say, “Black culture is homophobic.” You are being racist. The entire culture that we live in is heterosexist. Why would you single out black people other than racial prejudice?

However if you are a member of marginalized group a, and you say that your community needs to deal with it’s problems oppressing marginalized group b, then you are not being prejudiced towards group a. You are trying to fix problems within your community.

Example: If I say, as a trans woman, “we need to deal with the racism in the trans community.” I am not saying that all trans women are perpetuating racism, I am saying that we’ve got problems that need fixing. If someone who isn’t a trans woman says, “trans women are racist.” they are being transmisogynistic. The entire culture is racist. Why are they singling out trans women other than prejudice?

I may expand on these ideas later, but that’s all for now.


So, I wanted to make this explicit. Any time I talk about social justice issues, I’m relying on the work of thousands of people who came before me. Hundreds that I’ve read recently. None of my work in that area is completely original. I put my spin on it, or talk about my personal experiences with it, but when it comes right down to it, if it wasn’t for others I wouldn’t be able to articulate it. So with that in mind, I will soon be making an influences page. I don’t have the  time/energy right now, and I’ll probably forget more than one person, but yeah, it needs to be done. And please don’t take that page as recommendations. I strongly disagree with some of the people I’ve been influenced by.


clarification: all my art/poetry/recipes are my own


worn ragged

your hatred exhausts me

Why do you hate us so much?

What the fuck did I do to you to deserve such treatment?

Stop using me as your prop.

Stop trying to exterminate us.

That’s what you’re doing.

Extermination by marginalization.

Marginalization. funny word that. Denied housing, work, love of parents, access to shelters. More likely to be imprisoned.  Left to die in the cold.

Marginalization doesn’t really capture it.

And because of luck of the fucking draw I don’t have to deal with racism or colonialism on top of it.

We’re beaten to death, sometimes literally.

We have an astronomically high suicide attempt rate.


And you think we worry that you don’t find us attractive.

If it wasn’t indicative of the same attitudes that exterminate us, then I wouldn’t give a shit.



Allies, what the fuck are you doing to stop this shit?

on the use of the word “Ally”

I’ll never call myself an ally to any of the groups I’m privileged over. Here’s why:

  1. It’s for the marginalized to say who is and is not an ally.
  2. I get to walk away from issues that don’t affect me. There is always that option, so anything I do regarding them is easier for me than for the marginalized.
  3. No matter how much effort I put into an issue, it isn’t enough.The oppression will still exist, and won’t directly affect me.
  4. No matter how hard I try, I will still occasionally fuck up.

Here’s why I don’t like it when people call themselves allies axes of marginalization that affect me:

  1. If you are an ally, I’ll be able to tell by your actions, not your self applied label.
  2. If you call yourself an ally, it’s easy to forget that you need to do the job to earn that.
  3. It still doesn’t mean that you understand what I’m going thru, and I can’t forget that.
  4. Some people seem to think that being an ally gives them a carte blanche for fuckups. It doesn’t.

So yeah, I really don’t care for the term ally as used by most people. And anyone who thinks that straight allies deserve a flag can go fuck themselves.

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