further effects of hrt

as for the last one, content warning: explicit, tmi

  • Physical
    • No longer able to get fully erect (YAY)
    • My testicles have shrunk to about half the size (volume) they were previously
    • Mini-boobs!!!
    • I’m tired all the goddamn time.
    • and yes, I’m still getting used to enhanced sense of smell
  • Emotional
    • Mood swings have subsided
    • The emotional heaviness that I have felt for so long has lifted
      • This doesn’t mean that I don’t get sad or emotional or have suicidal thoughts, but I can better deal with them.
      • I’ve never felt more clarity, or more motivated in my life.

Please consider donating so I continue to get HRT. I would hate to have to go off of it. I would stay on these drugs for the mental effects alone. I’m really hurting financially right now, so whatever you can spare would be appreciated.



One thought on “further effects of hrt

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