Moral Quandary

Another thing happened tonight at work. A card was going around, to be signed for the parent’s of the girl who died from driving while fucked up. What was the quandary you ask? Well, the card was religious in nature, and said that we’d be keeping them in our prayers. This is fucked up for several reasons. I have no idea if they are religious or not. If they aren’t it’d be a slap in the face. If they are, no problem. Another problem is, it forced me to choose between being honest, and doing something to comfort someone.  It felt very wrong to sign my name to that as an atheist. I could have not signed it, but that would have been selfish. No one should be put in that position.

So, please, if you are going to bring a card around for people to sign for a victim’s family, make it secular in nature. Not everyone is a believer.



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One thought on “Moral Quandary

  1. How rude on the part of those who bought the card. It’s a great example of how atheists and freethinkers (as well as religious minorities for that matter) are silenced in such simple, small social interactions.

    Unfortunately in your situation I would probably have just written “you are in my thoughts” with my name – I’m so accustomed to religious nonsense that it’s sort of unexpected to see something secular.

    Thanks for sharing.

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