Why don’t people take me seriously?

so, at work, I’ll say something completely serious, and people will treat it as a joke.

In response to some random bullshit, I said, “Locking people up without their consent is wrong.”

People laughed. They said I had a weird sense of humor. “Dark, too.”

I wasn’t joking.

In conversation later, some guy asked why women never “give it to you when you want it, and are always trying to give it to you when you don’t”

I responded, “because you aren’t entitled to anything.”

And people laughed. I don’t know why.

Later on, someone made a quip about the guy waiting outside for one of the waitstaff.

He said that it, “wasn’t her husband or her baby-daddy, it was her boyfriend, she just doesn’t want anyone to know.”

I responded, “Well with how polyamoury is treated in this society, it’s understandable why most people would want to keep it to themselves.”

Again, laughter.


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