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I really fucking hate assimilationist LG culture.

So, I decided to sit down and waste some time watching “the Gay and Lesbian Comedy Slam.” I figured it would be bad, I mean no even token nod to the rest of the GSRM community, but this shit was fucking horrible. These folks are no more my people than Cis, Straight, Evangelical, hard line conservative Christians.

It started out with a transphobic joke. The first fucking line of the show. Well Y’all can go fuck yourselves right back. It was fucking terrible, misgendering and deadnaming someone, and appropriating “transition” all for the sake of a really shitty joke.

So much racism, bi-phobia, cissexism, and out right transphobia, as well as gay male misogyny. Don’t forget the classism, pro-militarism, and rape culture bullshit. Oh, and we can’t forget the gender role enforcement even within gay culture.

I’m sick of seeing any type of queer folks upholding this kyriarchical bullshit, but the Cis Gay and Lesbian scene has made an entire culture surrounding it. “We’re just like you, only we are attracted to the same sex.” Yeah, and fuck you too. Our entire overculture is toxic, and you want to reflect and be part of those power structures instead of tearing them down. You are not my family. And they will never want you. Call me when you wake the fuck up. We’ll be here waiting like we always have been.


Midnight post/poetry

These carbonated hearts

Like markers in the sky

Writing new songs

Of family and friends


Hey all, I just woke up in the middle of the night and had to write this down. I don’t know whether it will be any good come morn, but it describes my current mood perfectly.

In case you missed it, I’m moving, and could use some help defraying the cost. Or you can donate to my transition fund here.

2 month update.

New changes. Fat redistribution has occurred on my lower  body making it so that I now have womanly shaped thighs. It’s awesome. Body hair growth has slowed, but not gone away. I’ve got a small A or full AA cup sized breasts. And I look like a woman now. If only I didn’t have this fucking facial hair.


I’ve got a fundraiser going to help with my move to the bay area. Please donate.

Or you can donate to my transition fund.

I came out to my parents

I’ve finally told them I’m a woman.

Well, their response was non-optimal, but good enough. At least they told me they still loved me. I have no idea where things are headed from here with them, but either way, I have a series of long conversations with them ahead of me.

In case you didn’t see it, I’m moving!!! I’ve got a fund-raiser going on to help with the costs. Please donate. I really could use the help. Or you could always donate to my transition fund.

Start spreading the news.

I’m moving to San Fransisco/the Bay Area in August!!!

The place I’m living is getting more and more unsafe. I need to leave soon. And I have friends and loved ones in the Bay. But moving is very expensive. I can’t rely on my parents to help me out here. I’m going to come out to them in mid-July, and they may just disown me. So I need those first month expenses covered.

Everyone who donates will finally find out where I live, and what I look like.

If we reach the $1500 mark, I will post the recipe that made my girlfriend say that I beat out all the best restaurants in San Francisco that we had eaten at while I was there.

I’ll take suggestions for the $2000 mark, and the $3000 goal.

spread this as far around as you can please!

Emily <3

Protected: A Two Shower Night

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Frivolus little poem and more

mmmmm coffee

hot liquid nectar of the gods

sweet ambrosia that helps me function

you make my blood pump

my heart thump

my senses jump


Ok, on a serious note, I’ve been going thru a lot lately, if you want to know more, I wrote a password protected post about it. comment if you want to see it, so i can email you the password.