HRT update

content warning: Explicit, TMI

Current dosage: 4mg Estrofem (sublingual) 200 mg spironolactone. This is split into a morning dose and an evening dose.

My testicles have shrunk even more, to about a third of their original size.
It’s a lot harder to orgasm.
When I do orgasm, the ejaculate is much less in volume than it used to be, and almost clear.

The fat on my face has shifted a little. My skin has also changed texture slightly. These two things combined have made my face look a little more feminine.

I’ve got boobs. They’re small, but they exist.

Oh, and I’m going to get my bloodwork done soon, so I’ll give you an update about those results if I can when I get them. I might not be able to due to computer problems.

Please donate so I can afford to stay on these magical pills.


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