Disturbing Dreams

Content Warning: Rape, BDSM, Trans stuff, TMI, body stuff

Ok, so I’ve been having some really disturbing dreams/daydreams lately.

Being held down by my throat and fucked hard. Being spit on while it’s happening. Seeing a malevolent grin on the face of the person doing it. Against my will. In other words, being raped. Now this may be incredibly hot to some of you, but even though I’m a switch, none of this shit is stuff I like. I’ve been strangled before, in a non-sexual context. It isn’t fun. It’s one of my triggers. And I’m not into degradation.

The other way I know it’s not a sexual fantasy, is that it involves my current genitals. In my fantasies, they are not involved. (don’t get me wrong, I can get a lot of pleasure out of them, but they aren’t a part of my sexual fantasies)

The most disturbing part, the person holding me down, is a guy version of me.

Yeah, this post has a shelf life, it will be taken down in about a week or so.


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