Archive | December 2013

If Only

Anger and despair
The revolution never comes
Keep believing the lie
“if only”

crushed by the weight of it all
trying to squeeze one more drop of blood
From this stone

Survival is resistance.

But we can’t survive.
The revolution never comes for us.


New poem, written in flight

To the Asshole on the Airplane

Shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down

Stop rubbing your ass on me

Talking to her aisle seat

You’re making life hard for all around


Go away you entitled ass

Go back to your first class

She’ll see you on the ground.

Shut the fuck up

And sit the fuck down



Holy shit y’all, HRT update.

Dosage: 200mg spiro, 4mg E
7 months on HRT
Age: 30

Holy fuck y’all, it’s a christmas miracle. <–joking, I don’t believe in miracles. But seriously, my hips have gotten wider. This isn’t supposed to be able to happen to someone as old as I am, but it did.

My boobs are still growing, currently a small B cup. Fat has redistributed to typical female fat distribution at this point on my body, and most of the way on my face too. I’ve put on some weight. Sex is amazing now. Other physical effects are the same as my previous updates.

Mental effects are pretty much the same as always, it didn’t fix all my problems, but I didn’t expect it to, but it fixed a whole lot of them.