Ghosts of the boy who was

Content warning: Dysphoria


Ghosts of the boy who was

Haunt my mirror

Shades from the past

Hide in my voice

Shrieking out when I’m not attentive

Haunted by ghosts

Of self dead and gone.

Will I ever be free?


2 thoughts on “Ghosts of the boy who was

  1. Since re-discovering WordPress I’ve been reading through some of your old poems. Hope that’s okay. Some really powerful stuff here, and I’m also learning a lot. I’m glad I read this poem in particular because my fiance’s childhood photos are a tough issue. That adorable, rosy-cheeked child was never really her, so the photos stay hidden.

  2. Totes ok to read my old stuff.

    this was written at a time earlier in transition, Before more of the needed changes from Laser, and HRT took effect. I can answer that last question of the poem now. The answer is mostly, but not completely.

    As for photos, one of the things I envy cis people the most for, is y’all can have a past.

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