Poem: she went to smith

She Went to Smith*

You knew

You knew exactly what you were doing

You talk all about how you support us

How you believe in our rights

You were supposed to be my friend

You knew that by making that choice

You knew you were benefitting

From my oppression

And you did choose

How could  you?

How dare you?

You chose to go

You chose to benefit from my oppression

And tried to call me a friend

But you knew

And that makes all the difference. **


* Smith college still has many trans misogynist policies. If you can’t get your school records changed, you can’t get in. They actively discriminate against me and my kind. She knew this before applying.

**  Allusion to The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost




One thought on “Poem: she went to smith

  1. I read your poem a couple of days ago but couldn’t think of an adequate comment until now. I can’t imagine how hurt and angry you must feel, and I’d feel the same in your situation. Your feelings are 100% valid and I empathize. The world is an unjust place, and I wish it weren’t so. The sad fact is that most of us make choices every day that are at odds with our beliefs. For example, I am against the Church’s teachings, but I still donated food and clothes to a local Catholic charity because it was for the undocumented immigrants seeking refuge from Central America. I don’t know your friend or her situation, but I hope she uses her privilege at Smith to advocate for the rights of trans women applicants.

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