Still Unseen

[CN: family]

My dad turned away that day
And never turned back
He still can’t look at me
He only looks in my direction

Do you know I’ve only seen my dad cry twice?
The first time was when his father died
The second was when he saw me truly
He still won’t see me
Only what he wants me to be


5 thoughts on “Still Unseen

  1. Yiour poem hit very close to home. I was never able to open up to my father as he would not have accepted me for who i am, in fact he would have been quite angry if he had known. i too had only seen my father cry twice and they involved my brother dying and his death, his favorite son. i think for you to write about you Dad it speaks of a strong brave lady-there is the beauty in your poem but each poem speaks differently to each reader.

  2. I’m inferring that this poem is autobiographical. If that’s the case, my heart feels sad that your father won’t accept you unconditionally. I know certain things like trans identity may be hard to understand, but when you become a parent you can’t use that as an excuse to not accept your kid as they are. Every person deserves to be loved and appreciated by their family. I really hope that can happen for you someday.

  3. I’d really like to go into some detail for you here, but it’s still just too painful to talk about. But yeah, most of my poetry is about shit I’m dealing with. That’s why I stopped writing as much once I got a therapist to help me work through some issues.

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