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Stars and Bars

Alright folks, especially other white southerners, we need to talk about the Confederate Flag.

Some of you want to say that “it’s heritage not hate.” Well, I think that’s full of shit.

  1. Whether it’s hateful and oppressive is not for white folks to decide, it’s for people of color.
  2. Do you have any idea what the heritage of that flag is?
    1. The confederacy breaking off and rebelling against the united states.
      1. The confederacy was based on the plantation system and the exploitation of slave labor. If you want to argue with me that the war was based on economics, the south’s economy was based on slave labor.
    2. White supremacist groups using that flag to protest integration and the civil rights movement in general.
    3. White supremacist groups like the KKK and the Aryan Brotherhood today use that flag as a symbol right alongside the swastika and Nazi flags as a symbol of hate and white supremacy.

Oh, and one more note, if you’re like that one “Accidental Racist” and say it’s just about supporting a band, then you’ve just told everybody that supporting Lynyrd Skynyrd is more important to you than not broadcasting a message of hate.


Apparently, I’m a Misandrist. Explaining privilege.

I’ve been told that I hate men. Why? Because I want to see women get equal pay in the workplace. Because I want to see all genders equally represented in positions of power. Apparently I’m racist against white people, too. Why? Because I recognize that life is easier for me because I’m white. And life is fucking shitty and hard for me enough because I’m trans and bi. But I still don’t have to deal with all the shit that Trans women of color do.

Yes, If you are white life is easier for you. If you are straight, life is easier for you. If you are Cis, life is easier for you. If you are a man, life is easier for you. If you are currently able bodied, life is easier for you. If you do not have to deal with any mental issues, life is easier for you. If you have a binary gender, life is easier for you. Deal with it. This does not mean that you have nothing to contribute. This does not mean that sexism, femmephobia, and oppositional sexism. do not hurt you if you are a man.  This does not mean that I hate you. But it does mean that you do not have to deal with the things that I, and other actual marginalized people do.

It means that you may not see how something is oppressive because you don’t have to deal with it every day. I fucking had to write a goddamn post about it not being ok for someone to smack a woman on the ass without her consent in 2012. Because people still think that shit’s Ok. It means that if I say that something is transphobic, you should stop and think for a second before you start explaining to me how it isn’t. I admit that I could be wrong, but I have a much more intimate knowledge of the subject than someone who is cisgender.

This concept is called privilege.  We all have some. It doesn’t make you a bad person, but you need to be aware that some things make your life easier at the expense of others. That isn’t right, and we need to work to eliminate it from the system until equality is achieved. In regards to gender, this fight is called feminism. In regards to race, anti-racism.

If you say that you are against feminism, you are saying that you are against equality.