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New sketch: I wish my hair was this long.



A word about art

First, all my art (sketches, poetry, etc.) is my art, and is not to be republished without permission. If you want to use it for something, ask, and depending on what it’s for, I may let you use it, or I may charge you and let you use it, or I might just say no.

Second, I’ve been thinking about art lately. Mines been improving. A lot. I’m very pleased. My poetry has gotten much better since I started performing at spoken word events. I’ve gotten better at creating the effects I want through shading in my sketches. And I’ve been thinking of other people’s work, and how stuff is classed.

For instance, one of my recent sketches was “The false Dichotomy of Comedy and Tragedy.” Traditional plays are classified as one of those two (more modern would be comedy/drama), and tragedy is seen as the more valid one, replicating other false binaries that people create. Where one is seen as more valid, more worthy, and the other seen as frivolous. But if you look at most tragedies, they have comic relief built in. Lines are always blurred, and many works not only aren’t easy to classify as one or the other, they don’t really have anything to do with either one.

Give me your pictures.

I want photos to base sketches off of. If you submit one I may choose to sketch it, but no guarantees. All comments are moderated  so if you do not want your photo shared, you can put that in the comment. I may still post the sketch, but I won’t say who it is in that case, or post the photo.  All sketches remain property of me, photos may be published, so include credit for photographer, but the photos remain your property, and will not be published if you put that in the comment, as stated above.

Submission Guidlines:

  1. Pictures of yourself only, can include others in the photo, but all parties must give consent
  2. Photographer consent to publish photos, and photographer credit, Pictures will not be posted without photographer credit and consent.
  3. natural only, no “posed” photos.
    1. Posed photo, This is an example of what I do not want.

      Posed photo, This is an example of what I do not want.

    2. See the guy in the white shirt in the above picture who doesn’t know he’s being photographed? Perfect. Example sketch:
      1. I was three pints in when I was doing this one, but the expression captured is the important thing.

        I was three pints in when I was doing this one, but the expression captured is the important thing.

        When people aren’t posing, they let their actual emotions and expressions show. That’s what I’m interested in.

  4. No blurry photographs.
  5. No photoshopped pictures.
  6. If you’ve got a video of yourself, I can pull a screenshot off of that, but I need the same credits as before.
  7. I may re-contextualize the image, I may alter certain features, I’m not going for photo-realistic, I’m using them as a jumping off point.
  8. If you have any questions, ask away.

Work In Progress.

I’m headed up to my parents place for a few days. I won’t have any internet access. When I get back I’ll have a few blog posts ready to type up, and maybe even a sketch or two.  In the meantime here is a work in progress for you to take a gander at:

Pastel or Pencil?



So my question is, Should I finish this in pastel or pencil? I don’t use pastel that much, so it might come out pretty badly if I try. Pencil is what I’m familiar with, although I’m almost as good with pen and ink. Please leave a comment letting me know which one you think I should use.