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I wrote a poem tonight. . . . That you’ll never see.

I have things I can’t share. I have things that I want to control access to. I make private posts. I make protected posts. Don’t feel bad if you don’t get to see them.

And there are things that I want to share that I can’t because I’m not the only one involved.

I write poetry to deal with the things in my head. And some of these things involve people who don’t deserve their business aired publicly.

So, you won’t get to see this poem, which is unfortunate, because it’s one of my favorites. Normally I think most of my work is shit.


Get it while you can.

Sometimes posts get deleted. Sometimes, I no longer feel comfortable sharing certain aspects of my life. Sometimes, I no longer stand by what I previously said. And sometimes, I just don’t like the post. So get them while you can, sometimes they won’t be there¬†tomorrow.

This is what I do when commenters piss me off.

Hello various denizens of my blog, this is your blog mistress, Emily, with a public service announcement. Do not piss me off. This is what happens:




Disagreement is fine, argumentum ad NOMiNOM is not.

Do not be a condescending jackass.

If you apologize for something, you better actually apologize and not give a non-apology.

I am the goddess of this blog, and I can just as easily be Sekhmet as Bastet.


We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.