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I came out to my parents: Update

After a few exchanges, this has ended up really well. This has been one of the best days of my life. Previous post.


I came out to my parents

I’ve finally told them I’m a woman.

Well, their response was non-optimal, but good enough. At least they told me they still loved me. I have no idea where things are headed from here with them, but either way, I have a series of long conversations with them ahead of me.

In case you didn’t see it, I’m moving!!! I’ve got a fund-raiser going on to help with the costs. Please donate. I really could use the help. Or you could always donate to my transition fund.

Start spreading the news.

I’m moving to San Fransisco/the Bay Area in August!!!

The place I’m living is getting more and more unsafe. I need to leave soon. And I have friends and loved ones in the Bay. But moving is very expensive. I can’t rely on my parents to help me out here. I’m going to come out to them in mid-July, and they may just disown me. So I need those first month expenses covered.

Everyone who donates will finally find out where I live, and what I look like.

If we reach the $1500 mark, I will post the recipe that made my girlfriend say that I beat out all the best restaurants in San Francisco that we had eaten at while I was there.

I’ll take suggestions for the $2000 mark, and the $3000 goal.


spread this as far around as you can please!

Emily <3

A glimpse into one possible future

Starlight and Madness

Starlight and madness

They shine in her eyes

She longs to be free

They can’t fathom why

“He was such a nice boy,”

Her parents will cry

So starlight and madness

Did shine in her eyes


Her mind holds the secret

The perfect disguise

They’ll never accept her

They’ll tell her she lies

She needs to be free

They’d rather she die

So starlight and madness

Shine from her eyes


The stars shine so brightly

No moon in the sky

Though her parents disown her

She can’t be a guy

“Now I am free,”

She screams in the night

While starlight and madness

Reflect in her eyes