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Queer Romance short stories by @lifeinneon

My friend Autumn has been writing some amazing short fiction with queer and trans characters in a fantasy universe. She’s also really struggling with student loans. Y’all should try out her fiction here: http://trashmance.com/ and if you like it, contribute to her Patreon here: http://www.patreon.com/lifeinneon


always look a gift horse in the mouth

But Emily, That’s Rude.

Yeah. So?

It’ll save you a lot of pain and grief. Let me tell you a little story my bloglings. I was in a car wreck a while back and was without transportation. My grandfather  was just told by his doctor that he couldn’t drive anymore. So He gave his old truck to me. I was very grateful at the time, and knew that I’d have to do a few repairs, but that ultimately, it was a very good thing.

Boy was I wrong. That truck kept breaking down. Fix one thing, have to repair another. It got very expensive. Not to mention the cost from all the lost work. Add to that the low gas mileage. (I commute 35 miles a day round trip to work.)

If I had just gotten a reasonably priced used car back then, It would already be paid off. Instead I’m saddled with debt.

Examine all your decisions. Even what gifts you accept. Skepticism is your friend.