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Portrait: gender

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Everyone who sees this picture brings their own biases to it, and interprets the gender of this person differently based on who they are and what their experiences have been.


I really fucking hate assimilationist LG culture.

So, I decided to sit down and waste some time watching “the Gay and Lesbian Comedy Slam.” I figured it would be bad, I mean no even token nod to the rest of the GSRM community, but this shit was fucking horrible. These folks are no more my people than Cis, Straight, Evangelical, hard line conservative Christians.

It started out with a transphobic joke. The first fucking line of the show. Well Y’all can go fuck yourselves right back. It was fucking terrible, misgendering and deadnaming someone, and appropriating “transition” all for the sake of a really shitty joke.

So much racism, bi-phobia, cissexism, and out right transphobia, as well as gay male misogyny. Don’t forget the classism, pro-militarism, and rape culture bullshit. Oh, and we can’t forget the gender role enforcement even within gay culture.

I’m sick of seeing any type of queer folks upholding this kyriarchical bullshit, but the Cis Gay and Lesbian scene has made an entire culture surrounding it. “We’re just like you, only we are attracted to the same sex.” Yeah, and fuck you too. Our entire overculture is toxic, and you want to reflect and be part of those power structures instead of tearing them down. You are not my family. And they will never want you. Call me when you wake the fuck up. We’ll be here waiting like we always have been.

When will they stop doing this?



Feminists, you should know better.

Please stop equating chromosomes with gender. When you do, you aren’t just excluding trans* people, but intersex people as well. Some cis women don’t even have XX chromosomes. Some cis men don’t have XY chromosomes. And some people have either XX or XY chromosomes and are neither women nor men.

You know what, while we’re talking, Penis ≠ man either.

I’m sick and tired of going on feminist blogs I like and having to see this shit over and over again. Especially on ones where they say that they support trans* people.

A Brief but Important note.

Any time you police someone else’s gender, whether you are cis or trans*, by:

  • saying someone isn’t really transgender
  • saying someone must be transgender
  • saying that someone’s gender isn’t real
  • telling someone how they must act or present themselves to “be real”
  • saying that someone isn’t the gender that they tell you they are

you are buying into and supporting the system that oppresses all trans* and gender non-conforming people.


Please stop doing that.

Fluid within the binary

I don’t know if anyone else experiences this, so I’ll just put it out there.  The gender “woman” has a very wide range, just as the gender “man” does, and the genders outside these have an even wider range. Within the binary gender woman are all types of women, butch, femme, tomboy, and many others. While my experience of gender fluctuates, it always does so within the range described by woman, and the mental body map doesn’t change. But at the same time I refuse to describe myself as genderfluid, because at no point do I go outside the range that is part of the false binary system, and I do not want to appropriate non-binary terms, but at the same time, I have a hard time finding the words to describe the gendered thought patterns and behavior switches. Does anyone else experience this, or am I alone?

Transgender day of appropriation.

Stop putting glitter on a corpse and hoisting it up for your disco ball.

Every year, a shit ton of violence happens to trans people. The vast majority of this is directed at trans women of color. If you didn’t care about these people in life, then you have no right to mourn them and use them to further your organizations now that they’re dead. Hell, you shouldn’t even be reading about this from me, you should be listening to them.

The dead don’t care about being remembered; they’re dead. What are you doing for the living? Are your organizations doing anything at all for trans* people, or are we just a token? This is a great day for fundraising. Are you still going to continue to throw trans* issues under the bus? Are you going to continue to deny how race and gender plays a part in oppression? Or are you just going to throw a goddamn party, and forget about this until next year?


Edit for clarity: This post is not about positivity or ignoring the violence to trans people, especially trans women of color. It is about intersectionallity and appropriation.

Further adventures in medical treatment.

This time, I remembered to remove my toenail polish.

So I went to the orthopedist. Just got back in fact, and I’m having a cup of tea. I hate having to lie on medical forms. Gender M. All already printed out in bold black ink before I even got the form. How fucking presumptuous for them to assume that my gender is male. How would they know?  At least I didn’t get sirred constantly like I did at the clinic the other day. So I played the part of the good young man. Fuckers. I wouldn’t have had that much of a problem if it had been sex on the form. I haven’t undergone any HRT or surgery so my sex is still unambiguously male.

Anyway, they said the cause of my ankle problem is the fact that I have been working as a line cook for several years and having flat feet. So, I’ll have to stay off of it for a few more days, use the medicine, and I will have to Ice my ankle nightly for the rest of my life. They have also given me some special insoles. I say given, but selling them to me for $35 isn’t exactly a gift. Anyway, this drastically limits the kind of shoes I can wear, so I might as well get used to wearing Mens shoes for the rest of my life. Yay. :( So I guess that you could call me semi-able bodied.

One other thing. Why do they need to know your race? I mean, seriously, why is that a question on the form? Is there an actual medical reason that an orthopedist would need to know that information?

voting on crutches is gonna be fun tomorrow./sarcasm

How am I sexist for being a binary identified trans woman?

Today I learned that I am a sexist because I am a binary trans* person. renetascian commented on a blog post by mx. punk. And I quote, “I did have another thought about your blog about being sexist. I am non-binary, but I realized if you were a binary transperson you would be sexist.” Oh really, I had no idea that because I happen to be a woman and not genderqueer that I am a sexist. Go on. “One example would be a transperson insulting another person for not getting surgery, or displaying hatred for cross-dressers.” Um, I probably will never be able to afford the surgery, and am afraid of losing all sensation, so I am non-op. That doesn’t make me non-binary. Even if I did get SRS, I would never judge someone for not getting it. I don’t hate cross-dressers, I’m just not one, and I don’t want to be told that I am one any more than you want to be told that you are a binary identified trans* person. How am I a sexist again? I don’t buy that gender is binary. I think that gender roles are bullshit. I believe that all genders should be equal. Why do you think that I am sexist again? And yet, you think less of me because I am a woman and binary identified. How are you not sexist? And by implication, you are saying that anybody who is cisgender is sexist, so why do you single out binary trans* folk? Why do you hate me?