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If you’re gonna self med, do it safely. (recommendations for trans women) [I AM NOT A DOCTOR, these are just my opinions]

`My recommendations. Don’t do progesterone unless you’re with a doctor, There are too many side effects to worry about.

I recommend starting with pills. Estradiol valerate 2 mg pills. (several brand names and generics are available) common dosage is 2-6mg. (source) Start with 2mg, if that isn’t enough, you can increase. Self medding with injections is a bad idea unless you’ve had them before and know how to do it.  Take the pills sublingually. That way they don’t pass through the liver twice. It’s more effective and healthier in the long run. These are what mine look like. (link) I’m currently on 6mg after 2 years. I started the first month with 2mg, moved to 4mg, then recently upped them to 6mg. I’d have probably stayed with 4 without having a doctor.

Here are the common side effects that can occur. Another tab at that same link has drug/food/disease interactions for estradiol.

I can’t really recommend cyproterone acetate (Antiandrogen) if you live in the U.S. and plan on getting a doctor eventually. It is a better drug, but I have no general experience with it. If you are in Canada or the U.K., ask around, you’ll get better advice from someone there.  I use Spironolactone. This is what it looks like. (interactions and side effects are also at that link) I’ve been on 200mg since I started. 1 pill in the morning, one in the evening. Common dosage is 100-200mg. (source)

Spiro is pretty dangerous. It’s a potassium sparing diuretic. Drink lots of water. You’ll need to make sure you’re getting enough water soluble vitamins and minerals, especially calcium and salt without having too much potassium intake. It’s hard to eat healthy. You’ll start cramping up really badly if you get too much potassium. That’s your warning sign.

I had to lower my spiro dosage temporarily because I was getting dizzy spells. So watch out for those too.  A lot of people start with 100mg. I started with 200, and I’ve been ok, but I’m also a larger person.

It is important to get your hormone levels tested. There are services that will do this for you. Certain labs are walk in, others need an appointment. It costs around $300-$400 usually without insurance. Sometimes more. Here are what normal hormone levels are for treatment.

Additional resources here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/932389/Trans/Stepping%20Forward%20-%20Clinical%20Protocol%20Guidelines.pdf (some of the links are broken in that one.)

Last thing, please be safe and get your meds from a reliable source. It’s still not legal, but it’s safer.


Holy shit y’all, HRT update.

Dosage: 200mg spiro, 4mg E
7 months on HRT
Age: 30

Holy fuck y’all, it’s a christmas miracle. <–joking, I don’t believe in miracles. But seriously, my hips have gotten wider. This isn’t supposed to be able to happen to someone as old as I am, but it did.

My boobs are still growing, currently a small B cup. Fat has redistributed to typical female fat distribution at this point on my body, and most of the way on my face too. I’ve put on some weight. Sex is amazing now. Other physical effects are the same as my previous updates.

Mental effects are pretty much the same as always, it didn’t fix all my problems, but I didn’t expect it to, but it fixed a whole lot of them.




6 month HRT anniversary

Yup. I’m at 6 months. It’s been a while since I made one of these. Let’s see


6 months


2 2mg estradiol/day (1 morning, 1 evening)
2 100mg Spironolactone/day (1 morning, 1 evening)

Presenting full time as a woman:

approximately 3 months.


I just grew out of my A cup bra. Yay for development! My body keeps on changing. My face looks so different than it did 6 months ago. And I haven’t even started laser hair removal yet, but I’m planning on it. I have typical female fat distribution. I fucking love the way my legs look. And I used to have a nice ass. Now I have a great ass. Just ask my partners. I’ve put on weight, and lost muscle mass. The final tally on that is about 30% reduction in strength, and 50% reduction in endurance.  I’m back up to 190 pounds. I was 170 pre transition. Part of that is diet, but it’s mostly that my body processes food differently. I’m a total fucking lightweight when it comes to drinking alcohol now. I still crave salt, but I’ve managed to moderate that.

I turned out to be pretty fucking cute.

As for the mental effects, It doesn’t take care of all the dysphoria, but it takes care of a significant amount. It took away the constant low level depression, But didn’t cure my depressive episodes all together. But hey, I’m an abuse victim. What do you want from me? I think it may have made my ADD slightly worse. Of course that may just be aging.

Is it worth it?

Oh. FUCK. yes.  It is so worth it. If you’re out there wondering somewhere if HRT is right for you, try it, find out for yourself. You don’t even need a prescription. I was self-medding for the first two months. And if you want to know where to go for that kind of stuff, leave me a comment, and I’ll give you an email.

<3 Good luck my little translings and thanks for all the support from the people who came before me. You’re too numerous to mention.

2 month update.

New changes. Fat redistribution has occurred on my lower  body making it so that I now have womanly shaped thighs. It’s awesome. Body hair growth has slowed, but not gone away. I’ve got a small A or full AA cup sized breasts. And I look like a woman now. If only I didn’t have this fucking facial hair.


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HRT chronicles: Visiting Lyon Martin.

Well, I went to get my blood work done, as I mentioned in the last HRT update, and it turns out that I’m on the exact dose I need to be on. Amazing.


The staff there are excellent, especially my primary care provider: Leah. I never knew that medical staff could be efficient, no-nonsense, and friendly all at once. I felt very welcome and safe there.


It really is an excellent facility.


Oh, and I’ve got a prescription now. Fuck yeah.



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Missed dose

Fuck. Never again.

That was worse than quitting smoking.

Irritable, annoyed, felt like I had the flu.

I felt dead inside again.

Mirror distortions happened too.

I ended up hurting people I care about. I won’t forgive myself for that anytime soon.

I will always, always, always carry spares with me from now on.

Lesson learned.

The hard way.

Never again.

HRT update

content warning: Explicit, TMI

Current dosage: 4mg Estrofem (sublingual) 200 mg spironolactone. This is split into a morning dose and an evening dose.

My testicles have shrunk even more, to about a third of their original size.
It’s a lot harder to orgasm.
When I do orgasm, the ejaculate is much less in volume than it used to be, and almost clear.

The fat on my face has shifted a little. My skin has also changed texture slightly. These two things combined have made my face look a little more feminine.

I’ve got boobs. They’re small, but they exist.

Oh, and I’m going to get my bloodwork done soon, so I’ll give you an update about those results if I can when I get them. I might not be able to due to computer problems.

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HRT chronicles: day 29

Previous update

CW: TMI, explicit

So, today I’m upping my estrogen to4mg, making it one 100mg spiro and one 2mg E in the morning (or early afternoon for you people with day jobs) and another dose of the same at night

so, to correct something in the previous update, I am still getting erections, though they are less frequent.

I’ve had slight boob growth.

Facial hair has slightly lightened in color.

My face feels like it looks slightly more feminine. though that could just be self perception.

Mental effects are the same.

and I still haven’t gotten used to the enhanced smelling.

Let’s see where this increased dose takes me.


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