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Three years ago today.

sparse love

Three Years ago today
I flew over the Atlantic
My dad beside me
On our way to Ireland

It was the last time
That he loved me
That I wasn’t a burden
The family queer.

I have wonderful memories
Of time spent together
Laughing and bonding
A bond torn asunder.



New poem: NO

Content note: Rape


I asked her to stop
And she stopped
And I cried
Tears of gratitude

She didn’t rape me
And I’m so grateful

My Agency
My Autonomy
My bodily integrity

Have never been respected

And I’m still not prepared for it
And I’m still not expecting it

And I’m still so grateful

That the ones I care for
The ones that love me


Knowing the Rain Will Fall

Content note: Family

It hurts every time either of them speak to me.
What is conversation?
Me steeling myself, preparing for the inevitable blows?

I’ve heard that love and hate are opposites.
But truly the opposite of both is indifference.
If Only I could achieve it.

Should I remember the way we used to be today?
Me and my dad.
Laughing and relating

But no longer.
You seeā€¦ I’m Queer.
And that’s always what I’ll be to him now.

This is what they call familial love.
And I keep coming back.
Knowing the rain will fall.

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